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Holmwood House Preparatory School

01206 574305

Type: Day School with Flexi and Weekly Boarding Options
Gender: Co-educational
Pupils: 300
Fees: £3,150 to £5,565 per term

Holmwood is a fairly unique place. It embodies all of thevalues of the traditional 4-13 Prep School but tends todo so in a rather individual manner! We take theimportant things seriously but like to think a little out ofthe box from time to time.

At the heart of any great school is what happens in theclassroom and at the heart of our teaching programmeis the belief that each child is an individual and should make demonstrable progress in every lesson; whereverthey are on the academic spectrum. Great teaching is away of ensuring even greater learning. We introducespecialist subject teaching from an early age – languages,music, swimming, PE & Games in Reception, adding inspecialist art from Year 2, science from Year 3, and fromYear 4 the children are taught in 3 sets by subjectspecialists across the whole curriculum.

Pastoral care is a huge strength of our school; wegenuinely aim to live our school’s motto every day -“Happiness is the Key to Progress”. The culture andethos at Holmwood are embedded in all that we do. Welike tradition, we value culture, we care about ourschool community, we embrace competition, challengeand sportsmanship, we don’t like arrogance or poorsportsmanship and we try to live by the Holmwoodthree Cs – care, courtesy and consideration.


01206 574305
Holmwood House School, Chitts Hill, Lexden, Colchester, Essex CO3 9ST

Contact Address Holmwood House School, Chitts Hill, Lexden, Colchester, Essex CO3 9ST
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Phone Number 01206 574305