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Whatever your chosen field, Fashion Candy Style will offer a wide range of tailored packages, customised to meet the specific needs of both personal and corporate clients.

Today’s economic climate puts frequent demands on our everyday lives; the future is going to be tough and spending habits have changed. My brand will provide cost-effective valuable solutions, designed to allow clients to adjust to the current climate. More importantly allowing clients to have an “umbrella” multi-skilled brand, saving clients money and our ever decreasing time.

  • Fashion Stylist
  • Freelance Modelling
  • Event Management

A trio of professionally skilled services, enabling you to choose what’s best suited to your business or individual personal needs. The brand’s diversity can be integrated as part of your promotional activity, marketing plans, advertising and fashion events, with the ability to recognise and establish each client’s individual needs, Fashion Candy Style will become a valuable solution that benefits the individual, groups and businesses.

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Phone Number 07713095355